Christina Pierce is a Florida-based animator/graphic designer. She has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in animation, illustration, and graphic design from Stetson University. Since Christina was young, she has always loved to paint and draw with a strong interest in Graphic Design and areas of Digital Video such as animation. Since attending Stetson University, Christina has completed her first animations/animatics. In these projects, she had the opportunity to help work on the story, illustration, and the animation. The experience helped her to fall in love of with the process of animation, creating the characters and developing the story. Christina’s strength is in illustration and 2d animation with experience with 3d layering and puppet rigging. With her college experience, she has an understanding of the various processes of creating an animation. She is able to combine her skills with illustration, 2d and 2.5d animation as well as utilizing her skills in storytelling and video editing. In 2d animation, she has created many projects by animating through Photoshop and After Effects.